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Presented by Insignia Lash

CT's first ever lash competition! 

It's time to bring out the true artist in you!

Create a visual masterpiece to win $500 and a 1st place Lash Battle Trophy to display in your workspace!

Click here to register! 

What is Fantasy Edition?

Take your wildest visions and turn them into lash art! 

Think avant-garde, outside the box.

Anything from abstract, whimsical, colorful, chaotic, etc.... show your creativity!

Mermaid? Goth? Creatures of all kinds? 

What will be your Fantasy Lash creation?

It can also be just a style that makes a statement!... the magic happens when you pick up your tweezers and let your mind flow into a different space.

Dive deep and try to use color lashes, different curls, glitter, do a full-on makeup, body paint, or even create scenery or a backdrop for your model(s).

Main focus to win will be the creativity based solely off the lashes but please feel free to go all out! 

This is a break away from daily lashing styles and an opportunity to let your inner artist out! 

How do I enter?

Simply fill out the form below and submit payment. You may enter more than once, to do so simply revisit this page

to submit another application.

*All entries are non-refundable.*

An email will follow within 1-3 days of entry with specific instructions on the how-to's and proper submission of your Fantasy Lash Art Creation(s).

Please be sure to read the instructions thoroughly before submitting your work.

Click here to register! 


*A 15% discount code for "The Lash Ritual" will be included in the email so that you can stock up and save on color & specialty lash supplies for your lash work.

You are not obligated to use this brand.*


  • The lashes MUST BE created on the natural lashes (not a lash strip and then applied). If a strip is applied it is an automatic disqualification.

  • Lashes will be judged upon originality, creativity and skill. 

  • Your set can be any style of lashing. Classic, Volume, etc. 

  • Name. your masterpiece. Your entry must have a title when submitting your work(s).

  • You will not be able to submit work you have already created as there will be an email for specific lash pictures/angles to be submitted. 

  • Entry photos must be clean & clear! You may use your phone for photos, but it is recommended to use a camera or you may want to consider hiring a photographer for your entry photos.

  • NO photoshop edits on your lash closeup photos! You are judged based on these specific photos. However, on the full face and/or full scene photo you may adjust temperature and levels as well as smooth skin within reason as this is considered your perfected and finished work or art. 

  • You may submit your work(s) at the time of completion if you finish early but Entries MUST BE in on 11/22 by 11:59pm. the latest. Anything thereafter will not be considered.

  • Grand Prize Winner and runner ups will be announced on 11/24.


1st Place Grand Prize Winner: $500 plus 1st Place Trophy

2nd Place: 2nd Place Trophy

3rd Place: 3rd Place Trophy 

*Winners will be contacted on 11/24. Prizes must be arranged for pick up.


If you have any questions regarding the Competition please Call/Text: 203-907-6332 or Email: info@insignialash,com

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