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Texture & Styling




2 Days

About the Course

A fun, creative and challenging 2-day workshop learning the latest lash trends!

In this workshop you will create the Strip Lash (known as the KimK Lash Set and a Wet Lash Set

Learning techniques to create within these particular sets will set you up for future clients in creating your own style of texture and wispy sets! The creativity is endless once you get started!

It is not necessary to utilize the Russian Volume fanning method, but you must be able to make lash fans. They can be pinch, bouquet, wide, narrow.... anything goes as long as you are open minded to learning specifics.

In-depth information on the following:

  • Eye Design & Mapping

  • Adhesive Control

  • Directional Placement

  • Styling & Design

  • Pricing Structures

  • Client building & retention.

  • Ongoing Support

The freedom to create will open new door and keep you as an artist motivated and interested. Texture & Styling is very popular and only see these styles being requested more and more!

2 Models should be provided by the student.

Must have CT State License if you work/reside in CT.

Includes in this workshop:

High Quality Lash Kit containing:

2 Lash Trays

Lash Palette


Lash Wands

Lash Cleanser

Micro Swabs

Jade Stone/Dip Tray/Adhesive Rings

Eye Pads

Insignia Lash Exclusive Isolation & Pick-up Tweezer and Mirror

Practice sheet exercises

Certificate of Successful Completion

Champagne toast (must be 21+)

Ongoing support

15% off extra Products and/or Tools

Click Enroll or Contact to sign up today or for any questions regarding workshops.

A $500 Non-Refundable Deposit will be requested in order to book workshop date.

Payment Plans are available is enrolling in advance.

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