This award-winning sealer is formulated to help cure eyelash extension adhesive, while simultaneously nourishing natural lashes and increasng the bonding life of the extensions. 


How to use: 

For Classic Lash Clients use from roots to ends. 

For Russian Volume Lash Clients use just at the base of the lashes. 


Why you should have this in your Lash Stash:


* Sealer and binders increase extension longetivity and retention.

* Contains drying agents that help adhesive cure to its full potential.

*LNE & Spa's Best of Product for Lash Extension Care! 



*Cruelty Free

*Gluten Free

*Paraben, Sulfate and Phthalates Free

*Made in USA

*PhD Chemist Approved


Intelliseal Eyelash Extension Sealer by BellaLash

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